Symtoms of Low Self Esteem

Symptoms of Low Self Esteem

It is normal for most of us to feel some diminution in our sense of self esteem at certain points in our lives. Some may feel a diminished belief in self only during major life crisis or when buffeted by severe stress; others may be given to self-doubt at practically all times and under all circumstances. Not many individuals are so strong as to remain completely unaffected by life’s conceivable onslaughts. Outwardly, you may appear confident and unphased, but still suffer internally the symptoms of low self esteem such as feeling that you are a fraud, a failure, not worthy enough.

Low self esteem is the cage where you incarcerate yourself when you do not believe that you are good enough. The key to leave the cage is Truth: that you are worthy and good enough, that you are capable, that you are lovable. It is hard to find that key because of judgmental mind-talk and the negative feelings that it generates. If you have the symptoms of low self esteem, you must endeavour to regain a belief in yourself and to proactively take control and possession of your life.

Below are some of the symptoms of low self esteem.

* You think too frequently about yourself and seem to prefer engaging in constant self-analysis.

* You are afraid of adversity and may feel some alienation from authority figures (like parents).

* You find it hard to smile easily. Your views are pessimistic.

* You are not willing or not able to set and attain your personal goals.

* You keep to yourself and prefer to be left alone.

* You do not want to establish eye contact and find it hard to trust other people.

* You do not and are not willing to take any risks.

* You are antisocial. People find you difficult to be around with.

* You talk negatively to yourself, you find it difficult to tell the truth or keep your word.

* You cannot forgive yourself or others. You may lack empathy, compassion, and remorse.

Raising self esteem requires that you work on the symptoms of low esteem above. Until you find a way to reverse them, you are likely to get emotionally stuck and to suffer the negative and damaging effects of incessant negative feelings. This could include being a non-achiever, having poor inter-personal relationships, and many others. You must try to raise your sense of self worth. Learn a new skill, emulate the behaviour of people you admire who are confident and happy individuals, and try to generate positive feedback.