Binge Drinking

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Binge Drinking And Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis

Binge drinking has various patterns. Some people drink nothing for weeks and then get totally drunk; some get drunk every Friday and Saturday night, and have done for years. Whatever your pattern, and whatever your age, now is a good time to use stop binge drinking hypnotherapy and if you are going to keep drinking alcohol, to drink more sensibly.

Many people would not be classified as being alcoholic but still drink too much, too often. Whether this is a steady daily consumption or a once a week episode of binge drinking, it is possible to learn to control binge drinking with hypnosis and have a really good time whilst drinking moderately.

You may also be more likely to binge drink if you are feeling peer pressure to do so. Or, you may be feeling anxious or socially awkward, for example at a party, and you may binge drink with the aim to reduce those feelings.

Learn how to enjoy life without alcohol providing the prop that gets you through.

Short term effects of binge drinking

If you drink to excess you’re likely to experience a number of physical effects, including:

  • hangovers
  • nausea
  • shakiness
  • vomiting and memory loss
  • injury to yourself
  • alcohol poisoning.

Excessive alcohol is a major cause of injury and death among young people.

When you’re drunk, you’re more likely to put yourself in risky situations, like getting into a car with someone who’s been drinking, or being the perpetrator or victim of violence

Long-term effects of binge drinking regularly

Continuous heavy drinking over a long period of time can lead to:

  • physical and psychological dependence on alcohol
  • significant damage to the brain and liver
  • risk of cancer of the mouth, throat or oesophagus
  • possible increased risk of neurological disorders, heart problems, and sexual problems (especially male impotency)
  • risk of emotional and mental health problems developing, such as depression and anxiety
  • problems at school, work and with relationships.

Cut down or stop drinking altogether…..The choice is yours

Hypnotherapy for binge drinking habit

If you really want to change your drinking habits, then hypnosis can help.

A hypnotherapist can help your alcohol problem by going to the very place in your subconscious and reframe your thoughts regarding alcohol abuse and binge drinking so that you don’t need to drink and don’t want to drink. You will have a totally different attitude to drinking. It will be easy and natural because it will be happening at the very same place in your subconscious that is telling you to drink in the first place. All we have to do is change those thoughts. You will be very aware of everything that is being said to you because you will be talking constantly to the binge drinking hypnotist.

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