Weight Loss

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Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

1Whether you want the general weight loss hypnotherapy program or the Hypno-Band system. There is weight loss hypnotherapy in Brisbane for you.

The general weight loss hypnosis program is designed to help you stick to a set weight loss program, such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. The hypnotherapy is designed to give you the motivation to loose the weight, achieve your goal weight and maintain your new healthy life style.

You may have your own weight loss plan. If desserts are your problem then, you might wish to only have a pud on a Sunday. If alcohol is what causes your weight to increase, then you may want to only drink one glass of wine at dinner.

The plan is entirely up to you. The weightloss hypnosis enables you to stick to your personal plan that you have chosen.

You will also be given a Hypnotherapy Weightloss CD to listen to at any time you wish. This CD deals with all of those temptations that we are faced with on a daily basis.These temptations could be, a party, dinner with friends, or the dreaded late night after drinks pizza. This hypnosis weightloss CD will help you easily deal with these temptations so that you can stay a healthy weight easily.
The best thing is…weight control hypnotherapy will make staying with your permanent weight loss seem effortless – just like driving that car – you will not need to think about it! You will eat right, exercise, lose weight and keep it off without needing to will yourself every minute of every day.

Weight loss hypnosis IS A GODSEND!

For any further information on the hypnotherapy weightloss plan please feel free to email or call Shona Davis on 0435 064 845