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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Brisbane

Happy young man with hands out stretched against blue skyAs you’re here, it’s a good indication that you already want to use stop smoking hypnosis in Brisbane but maybe you don’t have the willpower or you are scared of the thought of giving up smoking. Perhaps the thought of the cravings is worrying you or weight gain when quitting smoking. Or maybe you have tried other ways to stop smoking in Brisbane and wondered why it didn’t work for you.

There are methods used to try to quit smoking in Brisbane and the reason they don’t work is not your fault.

Let’s look at some popular of ways of quitting smoking.

Patches and Gum

These don’t handle the psychological component. They only replace the physical mechanism of the habit. Actually, they don’t really deal with the with the physical addiction because they keep reintroducing the drug back into the system so the body doesn’t have the time to acclimatise and flush out the toxins to become healthy and natural again. So they don’t deal with the physical side of the problem and they don’t deal with the psychological side either. I know from personal experience that you can become just as addicted to the gum as you were to cigarettes. It’s hardly surprising that the patches and gum method of quitting smoking has a very low success rate.


Unfortunately the willpower way to stop smoking, requires your full attention. You are on guard 24 hours a day. In fact willpower is counter productive in stopping smoking because you have to actually think about what you are trying to give up. All your energy and thought is going into the thought of a cigarette. So all this does is create an internal civil war in your body and mind. I’m sure you’ve been there, whether it was when you tried smoking cessation or just when couldn’t get a cigarette for whatever reason.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

How about, using hypnotism to quit smoking. Go to the place in subconscious that’s making you smoke, talk to it and make it stop doing what you don’t want to do. So you don’t have to think twice, you just stop. It’s easier and natural. It’s automatic to stop, you just do it. Permanently!

Take a look at some Shocking Smoking Facts

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How it works

The mind is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. With the conscious part we think, make conscious decisions and act upon them. For example, you have thought about smoking and what it is doing to you and you have decided you don’t want to do it anymore, and now you are doing something about it.

The subconscious controls our habits…naturally.

Once in trance, your stop smoking hypnotist will talk directly to your subconscious mind and deal with the part of your mind that derives satisfaction from smoking cigarettes. Then take away that satisfaction and replace it with something more advantageous to you. Maybe healthy living or exercise. Actually, this can be anything you want.

It’s easier to stop when you use the power of your mind. Using the powerful subconscious as an ally not your enemy, so you don’t have to fight your own thoughts. You find it an easier and natural process to stop.

It used to be easy and natural to put a cigarette in your mouth, to use hypnosis to stop smoking makes it easier, natural and automatic to be a healthy, happy non-smoker.

Think about it……within a short time as a non-smoker

You smell great

Your lung capacity doubles

You can really taste your food

You have younger looking skin

You’re fitter and you feel great

You have more energy and confidence

Your body is clear of the poisonous toxins from cigarettes

What about weight gain?

When people stop with willpower they replace cigarettes with food. That’s because they are giving something up. With hypnosis, you quit smoking, not give it up, because there’s nothing for you to give up. There’s nothing that you have as a smoker, that you can’t have as a none smoker. So to cap it all off I put in weight control suggestions, to make sure this is a full service program. No stone will be left unturned.

All the things that you think right now, smoking is going to give you, like relaxation, confidence, self esteem etc. I will show you how you can have every single one of those as a non smoker only ten times stronger.

Tobacco offers us a life of slavery, a host of chronic, debilitating illnesses and ultimately death.

And think about it: We pay big bucks for those “benefits” Sad, but true.

What to expect from your stop smoking hypnotist

1 Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session

During the full 90 minute session of hypnosis to stop smoking I will go to the part of your subconscious that is telling you to smoke even though you don’t want to and I will reframe your thoughts to that of a nonsmoker.So it will be easy and natural to be a non smoker.

2 Guarantee

Up to 30 days after is the crucial time when a new non smoker might run into difficulties. For this reason, if you have any problems what so ever, you can come back for another full session free of charge to clear up anything that may be bothering you. This guarantee is there, although I am very surprised if anyone needs to use it.

3 Free CD

You will also take away with you, a complementory hypnotic stop smoking CD for you to listen to at any time that you want. This will give a boost to the one to one therapy that you recieved. Most people say that they didn’t bother to listen to it because they didn’t need to. But it’s there if you want it.

4 Craving Buster

After your therapy, like most people you will leave without wanting a cigarette or even thinking about a cigarette for the rest of your life. But occasionally some people get slight cravings. For this reason I have developed a way for you to get through even the slightest craving, if it were to happen. So you will have no reason to smoke.

The cost of all this is just $375

The competitive price is not an indication of the quality of therapy that you will receive.

Shona is committed to providing the highest level of smoking cessation in Brisbane, service and value for money.

The hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Brisbane is exactly the same as her clients in Harley Street London received.

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